The company

Extent · Distinction · Evolution · Imagination

Extent . Since coherence is important in the commercial and institutional company’s merchandising, it is essential a regular graphic line of printed material, in digital media and the exposed spaces. Our coworkers form a multidisciplinary team, capable of understanding a challenge and draft an integrated plan.

Distinction . Different by quality, diverse for making a difference, distinct for being completely adapted to his function. We provide, with distinction, because it operates like a mirror where we can review and where we can be recognize.

Evolution . Because change and it speed is different than before, it is necessary to continue an ongoing need to change, in order to surprise without breach coherence.

Imagination . We add ours imagination to our clients. We sum up experiences, we flatten some excesses and we surprise with sprinkled wisdom of a correct dose of craziness of the child that exists in each one of us.

The team

BBCE is the sum of the accumulated experience by its partners in other projects where they have been involved.

And that experience also proved to be wide and varied.

We have been accumulating knowledge to join together and discuss the way to make your company’s image to reach more people, in a more timely and efficient way.

We know how to listen, develop ideas and, together, we will find the best approach, the best means and the most suitable materials and supports for an efficient message,

because efficiency is the point to the success of our work.

We complete your world.

The Clients

• AAA Seguros (Angola)

• AICEP – Portugal Global


• Banco de Portugal

• Blue Hub Design

• Câmara Municipal de Idanha-a-Nova

• Câmara Municipal de Lisboa

• Camões – Instituto da Cooperação e da Língua

• Culturgest

• Decathlon Portugal

• Delegação Económica e Comercial de Macau

• Desígnios Decorativos

• Edia – Emp. Desenvolvimento e Infraestruturas

• EGEAC – Emp. Gestão de Equip. e Animação Cultural

• Eurostand

• Fundação Dr. António Agostinho Neto (Angola)

• Galeria João Esteves de Oliveira

• Henrique Cayatte

• Hidroeléctrica Cahora Bassa (Moçambique)

• MC – Arquitectos

• MNF – Capital

• Oculista das Avenidas

• Optivisus

• Publicações D. Quixote

• Ricardo Sá Fernandes – Advogados

• Santa Casa da Misericórdia

• S. Roque Galeria de Arte

• Sensa Design

• Silva Designers

• Sport Lisboa e Benfica (Museu Cosme Damião)

• Tecnofisil – Consultores de Engenharia

• Teixeira Duarte, Eng. e Const., SA

• Tribunal da Relação de Lisboa

• Unidade Infinita, Projectos

• Universidade de Évora

• 004 – Actividades Culturais






Victor Neves

968 040 182

Pedro Pacheco

967 423 614

Praceta da Beira, 1, 2º dto.

2780-004 Oeiras


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